Nine Minutes

As I have been watching all the news and media surrounding the horrible and tragic death of George Floyd, my mother’s heart cannot help but think about the senseless loss of life. How disposable life has become, and what God’s gift of life is supposed to be. 

Nine minutes. That’s all that it took to end the life of an innocent man this week. Nine minutes is all that it takes to end the life of a baby in an aspiration abortion. 

It’s upsetting to me how so many can recognize the importance and justice in standing for the life of a man, but these same people are not standing for the lives of the unborn who also cannot speak, who also are being suffocated and who also cannot defend themselves against someone more powerful. Where are the human rights for them? 

We need to keep fighting for the ones who cannot speak. For the ones who cannot defend themselves. For the voiceless, especially in the womb where no one can hear them cry “I cannot breathe” while someone more powerful is suctioning, ending their lives, and cutting their tiny, innocent body. 

As a mother who values life, I know that all mothers should pray against violence and abortion. I know the answer is that we teach our children to love God and one other, to defend the weak and to stand against injustice – but this has to start from the womb. 

Rest in peace, George Floyd; may God have mercy on us all. 

– Mayra Rodriguez