Mayra’s Story

Mayra Rodriguez’ primary interest has always been to care for women. How she’s accomplishing this now is very different from where she began. It’s a testimony only God could write. 

Born and raised in Mexico City, violence and civil unrest motivated Mayra’s mother to relocate her family to the United States. A successful businesswoman in her own right, Mayra’s mother risked everything to keep her family from harm’s way. Overstaying a tourist visa, the family became undocumented. Mayra graduated high school, community college, and was soon married with a daughter on the way. 

Relying on a technical medical diploma from Mexico, Mayra’s difficult job search began. It was then that Planned Parenthood came knocking. Mayra was excited to work in the medical field, specifically to help women. Perhaps most importantly, Planned Parenthood didn’t care that Mayra was undocumented. The job was hers. 

Soon after, Mayra became pregnant with her second child, a son. Planned Parenthood viewed this as a problem. Working at the front desk of the busy abortion provider, Planned Parenthood stated that her pregnancy “could affect women’s decisions”. Mayra was transferred to a contraception-only clinic. Despite her cut in pay, the change came as a relief as Mayra suffered terrible nightmares from what she saw at the clinic. Knowing that employees were fired for complaining, Mayra stayed silent about what she saw. For now. 

Mayra excelled at the abortion giant, promoted again and again; lauded as ‘hard working’ and a ‘rule follower’. Despite having been promoted to Director of the busiest Planned Parenthood clinic in Arizona, Mayra was reticent, having heard stories of managers being routinely fired or quickly leaving the position. With two young children and few options for an undocumented (now single) mother, she reluctantly accepted the position. 

Immediately, critical safety and high complication rate issues became apparent with a particular abortionist. Mayra’s persistent concerns were met with harassment, hostility and intimidation from supervisors and abortionists alike. Incidents ranging from incomplete abortions, falsification of charts and patient records, illegal conduct, unreported statutory rape, dangerous mistakes and women severely injured by abortion – all by this same doctor – were overlooked by supervisors. Following Mayra’s reports, months went by without changes, so Mayra started making a file, saving the documents in her desk for the PPFA. 

Planned Parenthood saw this coming. 

On September 23, 2017, Mayra was called to Planned Parenthood’s Headquarters to discuss the Glendale location. It was here that the 2016 Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year was presented with a ‘final written notice’ including multiple pages of clinic “deficiencies” ranging from missing funds and missing inventory to letting patients leave without paying. Mayra had never received a warning of any kind in her 17 years at the abortion giant, only commendations, performance awards, and promotions including Director at Planned Parenthood’s largest area clinic. Mayra refused to sign or admit to false charges, and requested a second meeting to present evidence to the contrary. 

October 3rd came quickly. Prepared with 75 pages of documentation addressing every false charge and deficiency, Mayra was more than prepared for her meeting. On route to Headquarters, Mayra made a quick stop at the closed Northeast Phoenix location (a casualty of lost Title X funding). As Mayra did the final walk-through, she found a Divine Mercy card she’d kept on her desk for years from Fr. Kline and “the crazies”, who prayed outside of her clinic. She put the card in her pocket, and left the building. 

Entering the parking lot for her meeting, something didn’t feel right. She needed this job to feed her family; who would hire an undocumented woman, especially after this? She took the Divine Mercy card from her pocket and prayed Jesus en ti Confio, guide and show me the way; you more than anyone else knows what my family and I need.With that, Mayra entered the building. 

Mayra walked into an ambush. Planned parenthood had no intention of allowing Mayra to address the false allegations made against her. Instead, the Regional Manager who volunteered to supervise the Glendale clinic while Mayra closed the Northeast Phoenix location claimed that she ‘found narcotics in Mayra’s unlocked desk’. Planned Parenthood used this claim to fire Mayra on the spot. Mayra had been set up. 

David vs Goliath… Determined to clear her name, Mayra (together with Tim Casey, Esq), filed the only wrongful termination lawsuit in U.S. history by an undocumented worker. Following a dramatic two week trial, a unanimous jury awarded Mayra $3M in damages against Planned Parenthood. No dollar amount was requested by Mayra’s attorney; the predominantly pro-choice jury’s deliberation took only 3 hours, including her damages award. Mayra’s name was cleared. 

Today… The abortionist Mayra was fired for exposing still works at the Glendale location. Mayra vows to not rest until he is no longer capable of harming women. Mayra’s mission to help and care for women, expose the truth behind Planned Parenthood and the dangers of abortion continues. Driven by her faith, Mayra has a particular interest in educating young people about the dangers of abortion and risks of contraceptive use.